The Silver Tower Chronicles Adventures in other worlds, other times, and other realities


Dear Evil Lich…

I’ve taken on dastardly dragons, repelled countless overconfident adventurers from my various homes, even conquered entire continents in my spare time. In my life, I’ve done it all, and I’ve done it the evil way. There’s only one thing left I’ve yet to overcome in my lengthy un-life – people asking me to answer their questions (usually just before evisceration).

So now that I find myself atop the heap, with more precious goods than you can shake a paladin’s leg at, secure in my position within this unholy shrine to me, I’m going to take my free time and answer your stupid questions. So, if you can manage the intellectual stamina to send in questions, I will do my worst to answer them, between bouts of armed invasions of course.

Send your questions to, and should your messenger actually survive the journey, there’s a slim chance that I might do you the tremendous honor of actually answering you.

Right before I kill you, and add you to my army of the unliving.



Welcome, wonderful reader, to the introductory post of The Silver Tower Trading Company’s home away from homes. Soon, this will be filled with stories, advice, and general musings by a group of folks pulled together through time by a singular pastime – gaming. So, stay tuned as we gather our words to share them!